Fairwind’s Destiny

destiny4 Fairwind’s Destiny is a chocolate Rocky Mountain Horse with a white mane and tail. He varies from a normal chestnut coat by carrying a diluted black gene. His sire is the famous Storm Warning, the top producing Rocky Mountain Horse who has sired more world champions than any other mare.producing Rocky Mountain Horse who has sired more world champions than any other mare. .destiny5destiny6

Destiny is 11 years old and stands at 16 hands. He is registered as a Kentucky Mountain/KMSHA, Rocky Mountain/RMHA and American Mountain Gaited Horse, Fairwind’s Destiny is one of the industry’s best Rocky Mountain studs and the #1 Rocky Mountain stud in Tennessee.  Regardless of the mare color, his foals are almost uniformly show the same chocolate coat. $500.00 Stud Fee

This perfect example of a Rocky Mountain stud has a long neck, short back, and is very calm and docile – he’s known to let almost anyone ride him. Like other Rocky Mountain Horses, he is shown keg shod. Rocky Mountain Horses are known for their four-beat, smooth, natural gait in keg shoes.


If Destiny is bred to a Tennessee Walking Horse mare, the foal can also be registered as a Kentucky Mountain Horse and an American Mountain Gaited Horse. If a Spotted Saddle Horse mare is bred to Destiny, the foal can be registered as a both a Spotted Saddle Horse and a Spotted Mountain Horse. destiny7 To find out more about stud services available for Fairwind’s Destiny, contact us.