frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions
The following questions are frequently asked by clients planning to come and view horses at Sachs Family Farm LLC.

How many horses do you have for sale?
We have 12-16 horses on property at all times and sometimes more.
Do I have to make an appointment to come and view your horses?
We typically require a 24hr notice in advance so we can get the horse all cleaned up and out from rolling in the grass.
What days are you open?
We are currently open Monday through Friday  from 7am 7pm, although someone is on property at all times and we can accomadate weekend appointments with a 48 hr. advance notice.
Can I see the horses being ridden before I have a ride?
What facilities do you have?
We have a beautiful indoor arena (100′ by 200′), outdoor arena (60′ by 100′)  10 acres of well groomed trails,  780 acres of wooded trails.  From Novice to Expert we have all almost every type of riding condition you might encounter.  The only thing we don’t have is a parade.  But we could probably arrange that with the mayor if you buy enough horses.
How many horses can I try?
As many as you like.  And well keep trying until we get your perfect companion.
I am not a very confident rider, will there be people watching me?
Yes, we start indoor and then by judging your experience we will accommodate you. Safety is our main concern.  We just want to see how comfortable you are first.
Can I see or take a horse I like for a hack on the road?
Yes, we have a 1/2 mile of black top road or 1/4 mile of gravel that is private, unobstructed, and ready to use at all times.
Can I ride the horses in the field?
Please do!
Do all of your horses come with a passport?
What happens if there are not any horses I like?
Please check back every couple of days as new horses come in all the time.
I know you sell the horses very quickly; can I reserve one which I like?
Yes, a 10 % down payment required.
Is my deposit refundable if I change my mind and cancel the sale?
No, but we would be happy to exchange to any equal value horse.
Can you transport my new horse?
Yes, we have onsite transportation we would be happy to assist you with. Our limit to our personal trailer is a 400 mile radius.  For longer commute we have a very reliable shipping service.  Please note addition fee’s are required for shipping. Please inquire about specific destination and we will provide you with a quote.
Is tack included in the sale price?
No it is not.
Can I buy and will you fit my new horse with tack?
Yes, we have a small but good inventory we would be happy to assist you with.
Can I come in the evening to view horses?
We are open 7am-7pm and special arrangements can be made with advance notification.
Can I come back for a second viewing?
Come in as many times as you like.  Our goal is to find you a perfect horse.
Can I bring my riding instructor along for advice?
Yes, we get this quite often.  Bring whom ever you like.
Are your horses open to vet inspections?
Yes, we do not require but if you want we could use Sachs Family Farm Vet or your own.  The choice is yours!
Which vets can I chose and can you organize this?
We have a very qualified vet that we commission other than that you are welcome to bring your own.
What happens if I buy a horse and it fails the vetting?
Sachs family farm gives a one week guarantee. In a event that the horse does not meet your vets expectations bring it back and you can swap another of equal value.
If my new horse is not suitable when I get it home what happens?
Bring it back immediately!

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  1. JeNen says:


    Just a quick question. I have seen Banjo on your site. He is BEAUTIFUL ND MY DREAM HORSE.
    DO YOU FINANCE horses?

  2. Robert says:

    Great question. Do you finance. With the economy as it is, it sure would help.
    looking forward to finding out.

  3. Anonymous says:

    We are now financing horses, pleas call us for more detailed information.
    Thank you and have a great day!
    Sachs Family Farm

  4. amanda Byrd says:

    What breed is it

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