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  1. admin says:

    Name: Pepper
    Horse: Black and White Gilding
    Sold 7/17/2009

    We wanted to say, thank you to Jeff and his staff for helping us find a new horse. Jeff and his staff were very courteous and helpful throughout the process. They let us ride and come back several times to make sure Pepper was the horse that we were looking for . This is a second horse we purchased from Sachs Family Farm and we are very happy with Buck and Pepper.
    Thank you,
    Carloyn & David Tankersly
    Connersville, TN

  2. admin says:

    Name: Lightening
    Horse: Spotted Gilding
    Sold: 7/28/09

    I just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying Lightening. He is a wonderful spotted guilden and we make a wonderful team. He was exactly what we were looking for. He is easy going “so laid back”
    both in pasture and under saddle. And riding him he is so easy to handle I hardly move in the saddle. He knows exactly what I want him to do. It is so nice to have him trained to neck-rein. He will turn on a dime and barely have to move my knees. He goes from a smooth walk to an even smoother saddle gait.

    I never thought I would have a horse that would be exactly what I wanted. He’s like a well oiled machine, and I love riding him. Best of all he is the same way every time. Even when I saddle him he is always consistent with his behavior.

    Thank you for choosing and selecting him for me. Thank you for
    making me at ease for selecting my perfect horse.

    Your expertise and knowledge in the equine field has made you the best in every category. Choosing your horses , willingness and
    determination in finding the right horse. This is what I tell everyone
    that asks me if they need a horse.

    You have definitely gained my trust. Thank you for being honest and reputable.

    Thank you again,
    Rise Chockley
    Rockin R Farm

  3. Ray & Nina Swoner says:

    A great place to buy a horse..... After weeks of horse shopping on the internet, I had a list of horses to look at that could potentially be "the horse for me". Sachs Family Farm had 2 horses that I was interested in seeing. It could not have been a more pleasant experience. The staff was readily available for us to come any day, at our convenience. We went to the farm and they had their trainer, Sam, available to ride with us, as we "test drove" the horses of our choice. Jeff, the farm manager, Sam, and Carla did everything they could to make sure we were 100% satisfied with our purchase. If not, they guarantee they will do whatever it takes to make sure their customers are 100% happy when they leave, and even afterwards, if something goes wrong, they will make it right. Our purchase, a beautiful buckskin gelding named Cowboy (now named Chance) is a wonderful horse. He has perfect ground manners and you can tell has had lots of ground work. He has a wonderful smooth gait and a laid back personality. We couldn't be happier with him. I would definitely recommend Sachs Family Farm as a great place to look for the horse of your dreams. I soon will be having to retire my older mare and will be back to see what Jeff has when that happens. Ray and Nina Swoner

  4. Don Sanders says:


    I just wanted to let you know Wolf is an awsome horse and is doing great at his new home in Missouri. He fit right in with the rest of the herd. As you know, I have bought at least 10 to12 horses from you over the years and they all have exceeded every expectation I have had. All the horses have actually been better than you said! Keep up the good work and feel free to use me as a reference.

    Parker has decided he likes Wolf more than Jazz and its hard for me to get him to let me ride my own horse!!!!

    Thanks for all your help.

    Don Sanders
    Lazy S Ranch

  5. Jenene Braden says:

    It is official Cannon is now a Alabama fan! After a few bumps and bruses we are lovin life! (I think my other horses were intimidated by his GREAT looks). He is SO sweet and a great horse with an awesome gate.

    Thank you Carla for bringing him into my life. Jeff you made me feel completely at ease.
    My next horse I will be call you!

  6. Don Sanders says:


    I have bought alot of horses (13 to 14) from you and they all are fantastic, sure footed and well trained. However, Striker is definately the most sure footed, mountain goat climber I have ever ridden in my life! I can honestly say I do not have enough guts to ride this horse where he is capable of going!!! I considered myself an extreme rider until I met you !

    When you told me he could make that cliff ahead I was skeptical, After I rode up that almost vertical cliff and then you said ride him back down I thought you were nuts, well he did it without missing a beat and after my adrenalin settled down I knew he could take me anywhere safely and securely.

    Everytime I ride with you my ability jumps up to levels that I was not aware that a horse was capable of!!!

    Thanks for all the hospitality from Lisa, Carla and you while Par ker and I were in TN.


    Don Sanders
    Lazy S Ranch
    Lonedell, MO

  7. Linda Cattles says:

    I want to send you this picture of me and Banjo.  I also want to tell you and Jeff how much I appricate the videos of Banjo and thankyou for telling me the truth about this wonderful horse.  He is 17 hands I am 5 foot.  He is about the most gentle and well broke and well tranined horse I have ever ridden espically to be a four year old.  I would not take five times what I paid for him.  He is so much fun to ride and so good.  He never moves a step when I get on him ( I use a step stool) and I have to slide off of him and he never moves. He is truely my dream horse.  



    Thank you so much.  Linda Cattles 

  8. Laurie & Selwyn Curtis says:

    Carla: professional, caring, genuine, down-to-earth, a real person and mother hen to the horses.
    Lee: soft hands, patience, understands horses and treats them with respect, but with a firm hand.
    The professional  treatment, accurate  information, timely replies to e-mails and our phone conversations from Carla is the only reason we drove 12 hours from Virginia to potentialy purchase 2 RMH horses sight unseen.  Laurie and I ,Selwyn, were looking for two gaited horses to add to our buisness, "Curtis Horsemanship" as show horses.  After looking at dozens of other breeding farms, "SACHS" was the right choice.  "Malachi (Knight) & Genesis (Coffee)" are drop dead beautiful.  The only thing that we regret for buying them was seeing Carla"s sad face on giving up her two babies as we left.  P.S Do not leave until Carla takes you to eat the best rice you will every have.
    Thanks sooooooooo much,
    Laurie & Selwyn, Curtis Horsemanship



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